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Founded by Melissa Muñoz, Nobia is a full-service real estate firm committed to fullfill every customer request until satisfaction.

I know this process can be stressful, but I will help you through every difficulty and can be easily reached when you need me. By using experience and knowledge, I will provide you with the highest level of professional performance.

I’m fully engaged with every client that I work with. I listen to all of their needs and work hard to bring their real estate dreams to life. I know that life can get busy; when you have a tight schedule or are trying to oversee a long-distance home sale, the process can become overwhelming. My services as a Realtor include taking over unique situations such as these so my clients feel at ease and confident that their property is in capable hands.

I speak a variety of languages, including Luxembourgish, French, Spanish and more. This allows me to help even more people find their perfect real estate match, and ensures that any client feels comfortable and understands every single step of the process.

I use my expertise to educate and gently guide my clients through each step; I never pressure my clients to make a decision until they are ready, and am available to answer any questions they have along the way. I’m committed to truly listening to my clients and building the best plan of action based on their specific needs.

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